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Beer Guinness Special Export

The all times favorite beer Guinness special export
In 1944, John Martin, having boldly crossed the Channel, requested that a unique vintage of Guinness be brewed specially for Belgium: Beer Guinness Special Export.

Beer Gordon Finest Titanium

Very strong beer Gordon Finest Titanium
Beer Gordon Finest Titanium reveals an extreme strength of flavour that’s somewhere between the steely and the sweet.

Beer Gordon Finest Chrome

Strong Beer the blond strong beer
In the ranking of strong blond beers of this range, Gordon gives this brew the second place, cleverly justified by the effect of a flexible beer during the introduction, but tremendous during the progress of the tasting.

Beer Gordon Finest Platinum

The all times favorite and very strong Gordon beer.
An XXXtra Strong lager, Gordon Finest Platinum, a pure gem with great character, is at the very top of the strong lager category. Its high degree of alcohol gives it a powerful taste and an undeniable virility, heritage of the famous Gordon Highlander regiments. A force to be reckoned with, as though extracted from rocks that are millions of years old. Try if you can!