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Happy Carnival

For all our customers, followers and friends we wish you a happy carnival.
One carnival full of happiness and joy. If you wish disguise yourself with the disguise of your favorite character or hero.
Be very happy and cheerful.

Wine Vinegar with Herbs de Provence

To seasoning your best dishes give them the best flavour with this wine vinegar with herbs de Provence.
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Wine for Valentine ’s Day

One perfect wine to celebrate the Valentine ’s Day.
The Valentine’s Day it’s to be celebrated at two and only two.
Our wine Vinho Verde Espadeiro it’s the ideal wine for the lover’s celebration. With a beautiful light salmon rose color and a light fizz that can be extremely refreshing.
With an aroma to fruity raspberry, red berries and fresh strawberries.
In the mouth is dry, light, and fresh due to its good acidity, citrus, stands the very fresh red fruits intense.
We recommend that the consumption temperature between 8° to 10°C.
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Beer LUPULUS Brown

The beer Lupulus dark is a brown ale with an alcohol proof of 8.5%, re-fermented in champagne bottle.
The beer is much attenuated and easy to drink.
The coloring is due to some candid sugar.
At the end of boiling, a small quantity of orange peels is added.
According to the people who have tasted it, this brown ale is very different from traditional brown ale and is a much estimated beer.
Alcohol: 8.5% alc. vol.
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Beer LUPULUS Blond

The beer Lupulus is a blonde ale with an alcohol proof of 8.5%, re-fermented in champagne bottles and in casks.
The choice not to filter the beer, as well as not to pasteurize it ensures its taste and aromatic quality.
The use of hops in considerable quantities, in the cauldron as well as in full fermentation, gives this liquid gold freshness and an incomparable bouquet.
Store this beer, as it ought to be, next to your beloved Grand-Cru and serve at a temperature between 8 and 12°C (46.4 and 53.6°F). You'll be delighted.
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White Wine Vinegar

The all times favorite white wine vinegar.
Produced from Portuguese white grapes and with one acidity of 6°.
The wine vinegar is designed in order to respond to the highest demands in high end cuisine.
The wine vinegar is made with carefully selected raw materials (white wine grapes).
Available in one glass bottle with 0.25 liters. The bottle can be customized according with customers instructions. Glass bottle size and labels can change. We can design your wine vinegar glass bottle in any language. Minimum quantity required.
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Curtius is a blond beer brewed with a number of premium quality products with a light taste and refreshing flavors.
Mixed with different malts of barley and wheat, its base grants it a pleasant lightness while the addition of aromatic hop blossoms gives it a subtly bitter, flowery and fruity flavor. Its unique and progressive taste is the result of multiple fermentation steps conducted during several months.

Curtius deserved a bottle of quality and prestige at the scale of its content. This is why a 37.5CL corked bottle was chosen; just like champagne bottles.
Note that Curtius beer is also available in barrels.
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Draft beer Genevieve de Brabant Triple

Triple Draft Beer
Fans of triple-strength beers will take a keen interest in Triple de Brabant. Its bouquet gets the mouth watering and ready to savour the experience to the full.
Mind you, you don’t have to extend yourself particularly to discover this wheat-hued creation: it will meet you more than half-way…
The rare sunshine of Belgium shines out from the glass just as heart-warmingly as its harsher Mediterranean version ! Here is a triple for carousing with the peasants in celebration of Mother Nature.
Taste-wise ...
The world of triple-strength blond beers deals ruthlessly with those who do not display enough strength of character. However, with its immediately reassuring full-bodied bitterness, dryness and aroma, the position of the Brabant family’s triple is secure. 
Aficionados of this category of beer will sit up and pay attention as soon as Triple de Brabant’s bouquet has full impact on their taste buds.
Its flavour comes through in two separate stages: first the spicier taste on e…


True Belgian beer blondeThis light ale has a deep golden color with a smooth, frothy head. It is very perfumed with an unmistakable hint of aromatic hops and a fruity (citrus) note from the spices used in production.
The body has an intense yet distinctive bitterness and a strong malty taste which is a delight to the palate. The overall effect, however, is a slight dryness and hoppiness.
All these features make St-Feuillien Blonde an excellent and very drinkable beer.
St-Feuillien Blonde has won the Silver Medal at the Australian Beer Awards 2011, in the category of Belgian and French style Ales.

It was awarded the titles of World's Best Abbey Pale Ale, in London, in 2010.

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