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Challenge International du Vin

Red Wine Convento de Tomar awarded with one more gold medal at the Challenge International du Vin the oldest of the largest international wine competitions!

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Ronaldo Rice

CAROLINO LONG RICEDiscover this kind of carolino rice with a uniform grain.
With an extraordinary capacity for water absorption, doubling its size, it’s perfect for your risottos.
And so the rice can absorb the flavor of added ingredients, it’s recommend the cooking of a good broth.
The grain becomes al-dente inside and creamy outside, so it’s great for velvety dishes.
And by the way, one piece of advice: use a good non-stick stewpot and stir the rice with the help of the pot handles.
Ideal for - Risotto - Creamy and velvety dishes
Cooking Time: ≥ 18 min

We export our Ronaldo rice worldwide.

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Fúria Rice

EXTRA MEDIUM CAROLINO RICEIt’s the rice of the moment, fantastic for one of the dishes that earned more followers in today’s kitchen: the Sushi. But it is also the rice once widely used decades ago in our kitchens in traditional dishes.

Alfaiate - white table wine

One white table wine from the Setubal Peninsula.It is a fantastic white wine with a clear, light-colored.
In the nose have a very initial subtle aroma to pineapples, followed by fruits of white pulp, apple and pear.

Red Table Wine Autocarro No. 27

Premium red wine Autocarro No. 27This is a red wine on the nose is intense and refreshing with an aroma of plum and red berries.

Lambic beer Faro

One fabulous Lambic beer Faro with a fantastic sour-sweet finish in the mouth.In 1978, the company brought Faro to centre stage. A true local product!
In the fields, workers drank a lambic beer faro to regain their strength. Today, our faro is the perfect beer for recovering after physical exertion.
It is the favourite beverage of amateur cyclists!

Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René

Traditional Lambic Beer Cuvée René in all its splendour!
Probably our most complex product.
The pretty red Lambic Beer Kriek Cuvée René label with its Art Nouveau style was designed by famous American beer importer Charles Finkel.
In order to produce Old Kriek Cuvée René, the cherries ferment in a lambic that is at least six months old in huge 10,000-litre oak barrels called foudres. After six months, this traditional kriek is bottled in corked 75 cl bottles.
The beer will then undergo a spontaneous second fermentation process which, after a few months, will produce the carbon dioxide (CO2) to which this authentic beer owes its carbonation and distinctive foam head.
SINCE: 1961. Our old kriek has been called 'Cuvée René' since 2007. ALCOHOL (ALCOHOL CONTENT): 7 % COLOUR: Ruby red with a pinkish-red foam CALORIES: 55 kcal (100 ml)
CONSERVATION TIP: Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, this kriek will keep for years. Like wine, it undergoes a favourable change in taste. …