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The right sauce for your recipes

Hard to find the right sauces for your next recipes?
Not at all !

We have available a full line of sauces, that allow you to create your best recipes. We know that in your kitchen you want to create the best and tastier recipes. We understand you. You want the best to your family and friends and want to be recognizedfor creatingthe best recipes.

Red wine Herdade dos Templarios Garrafeira

Premium Red Wine Vintage 2005 There are special red wines and this vintage 2005, from the Herdade dos Templarios, is one of the special red wine, produced in Portugal with premium quality. It’s called “garrafeira” (in English: wine cellar).

Organic Chestnut Honey

The Gourmet Organic Chestnut Honey In Portugal, our mountains give us unique organic products.

With dedication, patience, wisdom and respect for nature, we have gone through hills and valleys, under rain and sun, to pick just the best. From manual work and tradition we bring you BOM – Best of Mountain, that means not only “good” in Portuguese, but also hand-picks each one and delivers a unique worldwide quality.

Organic Chestnut Honey is a honey with a distinctive flavor. Slightly sweet, with a little bitterness at the end. It is a organic chestnut honey with a high content of minerals, amber/ dark amber color and floral aroma. Very low tendency to crystallization.

Available in 350 grs packaging.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Product PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from “Trás-os-Montes” in Portugal, giving it features absolutely unique flavor of fresh fruit, almond and a remarkable sense of green, bitter and spicy.

Is an organic extra virgin olive oil with flavor balanced between the fruity, bitter and spicy.

Organic extra virgin olive oil produced from the varieties: Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Madural and Verdeal.

Organic extra virgin olive oil with low acidity 0.1%.

Available in 250ml packaging.

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