The right sauce for your recipes

Hard to find the right sauces for your next recipes?

Not at all !

We have available a full line of sauces, that allow you to create your best recipes. We know that in your kitchen you want to create the best and tastier recipes. We understand you. You want the best to your family and friends and want to be recognized for creating the best recipes. 

Soy Sauce 125ml

Item: J0119

Crystal soy sauce is ideal to enrich many grilled or marinated dishes. 

Much appreciated in oriental cuisine, it’s ideal to be enjoyed with sushi, sashimi, soups and various types of salads, especially the green leaf ones.

Worcester Sauce 125ml

Item: J0120

The Worcestershire sauce enhances and can spice almost everything; a few drops are enough to give a special touch to your recipe.

It is often used in African cooking particularly in chicken dishes, to flavor meats of various kinds, fish and seafood.

Hot Sauce 125ml

Item: J0118

Prepared with peppers Red Jalapeno and Habanero, from Central and South America it offers unique flavor and aroma. Ideal for all dishes, from the most traditional to the most sophisticated always adding that "touch" unmistakable.

It can be used as a condiment for meat, poultry, fish or can be added to other foods such as snacks, seafood, drinks and other sauces. It is a great substitute for salt!

Hot sauce with balsamic vinegar 125ml

Item: C0358

Prepared with peppers red jalapeno and habanero, from Central and South America it offers unique flavor and aroma. Perfectly matches the sweet notes of balsamic and the strengths and spicy flavors of pepper.

It can be used to exalt the aroma and flavor of red and white meat, seafood, soups and vegetarian dishes.

Hot sauce apple flavored 125ml

Item: C0357

Stir a few drops of this hot sauce to your scrambled eggs with asparagus and see the difference.

Prepared with peppers Red Jalapeno and Habanero, from Central and South America it offers unique flavor and aroma. 

This sauce combines the sweet and fruity character of apple with the spicy pepper, offering a delicate touch to your dishes.

Piri Piri Sauce 125ml

Item: C0359

It’s the result of a Portuguese typical recipe and it’s a must in every kitchen. It combines with a variety of dishes and can be used to marinate fish fillets and red meats.
Great to add flavor to hamburgers or as a spicy dressing to salads.Use and Abuse of Piri Piri Cristal in a barbecue with friends, making your meal more lively and tasty!

Sriracha Sauce 250ml

Item: C0366

Ideal for oriental food, grilled or roasts.
Born in Thailand, in the city of Si-racha, this sauce is the perfect combination of spicy, acidity and salt coming from a mix of chili paste, vinegar, garlic and salt.

Be inspired by the oriental cuisine (meat, fish and seafood) , invite friends and travel to other places through the flavors and aromas that this sauce offers you.

Sweet Chilli Sauce 250ml

Item: C0368

Use and abuse of the Sweet Chilli sauce Cristal as far as your imagination and taste allow.
This oriental sauce, follows the Oriental philosophy of yin and yan - opposite poles that complement each other by combining the spicy and bittersweet.

With this line of hot sauces your recipes will be very special and delicious. Every day a new recipe with a very special and different flavor.

We export our products worldwide in pallets or in full containers load. For more information, please contact us.


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