Chocolate Pie

Brigadeiro chocolate pie 400g

Very involved in chocolate cream and decorated with fantastic vernicelli make this pie a cake of choice.

Our products are made according to strict quality and food safety standards. Our facilities are equipped to ensure high levels of production and energy efficiency, thus achieving large-scale production in a sustainable way, with competitive prices and always taking care to produce the traditional flavour characteristic of Portuguese sweets.

In the export area, we deal with direct large distribution clients and Distributors, providing them with all of the conditions and all our know-how for effective service.

One innovative process guarantees a logistic service with fast and efficient deliveries across Europe. To this end, we count on the experience of several certified partners in the area of land transport, through outsourcing contracts.

In addition to the various European routes, we guarantee deliveries to any part of the world, through outsourcing contracts with several freight carriers, using land routes, sea routes and air cargo for special situations.

Our functional structure allows for logistic solutions for any and all requests, with individualized treatment in relation to the nature of the routes, products and the clients themselves.

For more information contact us or visit our website.

We have available a wide range of Portuguese sweets.

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