Beer Geneviève de Brabant Blonde

Belgian beer Geneviève de Brabant Blonde

When the weary traveler arrived in our fine province of Brabant (in Belgium), he knew that his wanderings were nearly at an end and that he would soon find well-deserved rest and the table laid for a good meal.

He knew that, of all the delicacies that he would be served, the most precious would be the one with the color and richness of gold –divine nectar for his taste buds, enchanting to his spirit. He knew that the blond ale of Brabant would be flowing, as surely as summer follows spring…

And it’s much the same today in Belgium’s pale sunshine! The welcome is still just as warm, and Blonde de Brabant is still just as good!

A beer of enticing, warm-hearted simplicity, whose discrete flavour reveals a dry bitterness, all the more pronounced in contrast with the drink’s freshness.

Very refreshing this well-balanced blond ale is a delight to the palate.

Alcohol: 6%
Color: Blond
Fermentation: Top
Type: Strong Blond

We recommend that you enjoy this beer at the temperature around  4° - 6°C, for full taste.

Available in 75cl bottle.


Geneviève de Brabant beers are brewed in Belgium, using a traditional method that requires great care and skill.

The beer is composed of more than 90% water – the selected water is critical for a quality product. Due to its geographical origins, Genèvieve de Brabant beer is made from extremely pure water. It is in Genval, in the heart of Brabant Ardennes that the source Bonne Fontaine flows. For more than a century, this thermal water has been recognized for its beneficial properties.

The grains used in the brew are also of great importance, coming mainly from the surrounding fertile land. Wheat, barley and malt are carefully selected by small local producers who value quality.

Some spices such as orange peel and coriander are used sparingly to give Brabant beers their uniqueness.

Whether top-fermented beers or lighter ales, the Genèvieve de Brabant range offers a rich selection of high-value regional products. Each beer is brewed according to a traditional recipe, jealously guarded by our Master Brewer, who is proud to pass on his expertise and passion in each of his creations.

For more information’s about the beer contact us or visit our catalogue of products.

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