Beer India Pale Ale

Martin's IPA - Beer India Pale Ale

The beer India Pale Ale was first brewed when the British ships crossed the oceans on-route to their faraway colonies. To better preserve their beloved beer during these long voyages, the English brewers added extra hops.

British Brewer John Martin honored this tradition when he landed in Antwerp in 1909 by using the unique dry hopping technique. For this technique, extra hop flowers are added at the end of the fermentation process to give the beer a fruity aroma and a bitter yet balanced flavour.

The beer Martin's IPA, the perfect alliance between British character and Belgian brewing expertise.


Aroma: Ripe orange fruit (apricot, peach and plum), herbiness from the hops and a hint of white flowers.

Flavour: A full feeling in the mouth thanks to the outspoken bouquet of hops. A powerful bitterness at the start, followed by an ever so slight peppery aftertaste.

Alcohol: 6.9%
Color: Amber
Fermentation: Top - Re-fermented in the bottle.
Type: India Pale Ale

Best temperature for consumption: 6° - 8°C

Available in bottle with 33cl and 75cl.

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