Moscatel de Setubal Superior DOC, 10 years

Fortified wine Moscatel

Topaz-colored wine with greenish reflections, of extraordinary power with quite complex aromas, of nuts, rosemary and honey.

A unctuous Muscat in the palate, but with good freshness, long aftertaste of great quality.

Packaging: 0.75 L bottle
Alcohol content: 17 % Vol.

This fortified wine is characterized by its especially peculiar and unmistakable aroma and flavor qualities, resulting from the soil and climate conditions and the grape varietals used, in particular the Moscatel de Setubal, which is considered to be the most aromatic varietal in the world.

With a golden color that ranges from light topaz to amber, the young Moscatel wines exhibit an exotic floral aroma reminiscent of orange and linden blossom as well as rose with touches of honey, citrus, lichee, pear and dates in the flavor. The aged Moscatels tend to have a more subtle and complex aromas and flavors of dried fruits and nuts like hazelnut, almond and walnut.

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