Red Wine Ameias Touriga Nacional, 2013

One red wine with 100% grapes variety Touriga Nacional.

Regional Peninsula de Setubal red wine with intense ruby color, with black fruit and some vanilla aromas, it is a soft, rounded and balanced wine.

Enjoy it at 16 ºC with red meat dishes, game dishes and with full-fat cheese.

Touriga Nacional is Portugal's finest red grape variety.

Touriga Nacional is a dark-skinned grape variety that is currently very fashionable and is widely believed to produce the finest red wines of Portugal.

Touriga Nacional is a very known and well-appreciated grape varietal, perhaps the most celebrated one in Portugal, having been disseminated to practically every region in the country.

Its thick skin, rich in natural tint, provides intense color to its wines.

The abundance of primary aromas is a characteristic of this grape variety, presenting both floral and fruity and always intense and penetrating.

Touriga Nacional is the fourth most planted grape in the Setubal Peninsula.

It produces full bodied wines with powerful and exceptional aromatic qualities, providing a soft, warm flavor dominated by notes of ripe berries, such as blackberry and blueberry, with floral nuances that resemble violet, rosemary and cistus flower at times.

It produces harmonious wines with a strong alcohol level and excellent aging ability, gaining aromatic complexity when aged in barrel.

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Enjoy this fabulous red wine.

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