Fúria Rice


It’s the rice of the moment, fantastic for one of the dishes that earned more followers in today’s kitchen: the Sushi. But it is also the rice once widely used decades ago in our kitchens in traditional dishes.

Traditional Portuguese rice which is a kind of a round Carolino.

Its rice grain, very consistent and uniform, does not get mushy and inside it remains al-dente, providing the production of exquisite dishes, thanks to its high permeability.

It’s a very versatile rice, ideal for sushi and can also be adapted to several traditional Portuguese dishes of fish, meat and seafood, as well as paellas and Arroz à Valenciana.

The use of a good non-stick pan makes all the difference. And because the secret of a good sushi is in the seasoning and preparation of the rice, to make it as a professional, follow the tips and recipes from our site.

Ideal for
  • Seafood Rice
  • Malandrinho Rice
  • Tomato/Bean Rice

Cooking Time: ≥ 15 min

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