Red Table Wine Autocarro No. 27

Premium red wine Autocarro No. 27

This is a red wine on the nose is intense and refreshing with an aroma of plum and red berries.

It is a red wine with a lively and lively acidity with present but not aggressive tannins.
A fantastic blend of grape varieties Aragonez, Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon.


It was fermented in oak vats and then matured in 50 HL oak vats for 12 months.

  • Silver Medal, Vienna Wine Contest 2014
  • Silver Medal, Vienna Wine Contest 2015

Tasting notes:

Intense and refreshing nose with plum and red berries notes.

Vibrant acidity with obvious, non-aggressive tannins, which convey a merry and pleasant youth.

Acidity: 4.2 g/L
pH: 3.82
Sugar: 3.6
ABV: 14%

The Grapes:


One of the most noble grape varietals of the Iberian Peninsula, Aragonez is renowned on both sides of the border, recognized as Tempranillo in Spain, and in Portugal as both Aragonez and Tinta Roriz in the north.

It is an early maturing variety, vigorous and productive, and easily adapting to different climates and soils but it prefers hot, dry climates with sandy or clay-limestone soils best.

In the Setúbal Peninsula it occupies about two-hundred and seventy hectares and its maturation occurs, as a general rule, one week before the Castelão grape varietal. If its force is controlled, it produces full-bodied wines that are very elegant and aromatic.

The aromas of this varietal exude plum, dried plum, red berries, spices and sometimes licorice, becoming more complex as it evolves. Although Aragonez is often used in blends to harmonize with other varieties like Castelão, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira, Touriga Franca and Alicante Bouschet, it's also produced as a single–varietal wine, which has been met with great success and has become a hallmark for some of the producers in the region.

Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional is a very known and well-appreciated grape varietal, perhaps the most celebrated one in Portugal, having been disseminated to practically every region in the country.

Its thick skin, rich in natural tint, provides intense color to its wines. The abundance of primary aromas is a characteristic of this grape variety, presenting both floral and fruity and always intense and penetrating.

Touriga Nacional is the fourth most planted grape in the Setúbal Peninsula. It produces full bodied wines with powerful and exceptional aromatic qualities, providing a soft, warm flavor dominated by notes of ripe berries, such as blackberry and blueberry, with floral nuances that resemble violet, rosemary and cistus flower at times. It produces harmonious wines with a strong alcohol level and excellent aging ability, gaining aromatic complexity when aged in barrel.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most international of all French grape varieties, being widely grown across all five continents.

It has found a special niche and style in the Setubal Peninsula, one of the few Portuguese winegrowing regions where it can ripen to perfection.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of those varieties that can be termed "enriching"; deeply colored and thick-skinned, it can spice up blends, imbuing body and consistency to well-composed, perfumed, fruity and spicy wines.

It is rarely bottled as a varietal wine in the Setubal Peninsula region, but is present in small amounts to give structure in many wines.

Appreciated for its versatility, resistance and correctness it yields wines of immense longevity that age with elegance and security.

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