Lambic Beer Cassis

Our best kept secret. Yet what potential! You won't be able to resist it.

Lindemans Cassis has been remarkably successful as an aperitif. Served in a flute, its color and beautiful purple foam provide the most beautiful effect.

A lambic that is at least one year old in which a filtrate of carefully selected blackcurrants will macerate.

Is it a sparkling wine or a beer?

That is the question amateurs of exceptional products ask when they discover our Cassis for the first time. Cassis Lindemans is a fruity beer made from a lambic base which, thanks to its shades of dark purple and its aromas, is spontaneously reminiscent of wine.

The taste of Cassis Lindemans on the palate is inimitable: intense and sparkling with a sour-sweet finish.

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Cheers with one lambic beer Cassis.

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